[07:38 pm] David West: Well, it doesn't really look like many more people are going to show up
[07:38 pm] Ladon pimps
[07:38 pm] MindGame: Hmm
[07:39 pm] MindGame: Oh well
[07:39 pm] LegosJedi: I'm here.
[07:39 pm] Ladon: whoops, sorry, no red
[07:39 pm] David West: Lets just do the Judges award right now
[07:39 pm] MindGame: Their loss
[07:39 pm] RyanD: No
[07:39 pm] 1ceaham: OK
[07:39 pm] RyanD: Entrants too!
[07:39 pm] LegosJedi: Aw, man!
[07:39 pm] Watson is online.
[07:39 pm] MindGame: We are, but after Judges
[07:39 pm] RyanD: Please?
[07:39 pm] Ladon: Judges are better
[07:39 pm] RyanD: C'mon!
[07:39 pm] WhiteDragon: wait... there's an award ceremony going on?
[07:39 pm] NanoMan: Ja Ja Ja Ja Ja Ja!
[07:39 pm] MindGame: We're doing both, Ryan
[07:39 pm] Ladon: hahahaha
[07:39 pm] David West: I'll have to finish tallying them later
[07:39 pm] Dragoon: are you sure many people knew it was today?
[07:39 pm] MindGame: Oh
[07:39 pm] RyanD: Yeah!
[07:39 pm] WhiteDragon is completely clueless
[07:39 pm] RyanD: See?
[07:39 pm] LegosJedi: Aw, man!
[07:39 pm] Dragoon: oh yeah, you were busy other days
[07:39 pm] MindGame: THAC results, WD
[07:39 pm] Dragoon: oh well
[07:39 pm] Ladon is typing in red
[07:40 pm] WhiteDragon: oh
[07:40 pm] RyanD: What's so hard about tallying up entrants?
[07:40 pm] WhiteDragon: cool
[07:40 pm] LegosJedi: I like this red font!
[07:40 pm] MindGame: Stop typing in red
[07:40 pm] LegosJedi: sorry.
[07:40 pm] David West: I have several more ballots to enter, and without an Excel like program it is somewhat time consuming
[07:40 pm] LegosJedi: David, I could do it.
[07:40 pm] RyanD: You had 15 minutes!
[07:41 pm] RyanD: Please do it!
[07:41 pm] David West: Trust me, its time consuming
[07:41 pm] NanoMan: then use an exel like program
[07:41 pm] David West: you can wait till later to see them
[07:41 pm] NanoMan: excel*
[07:41 pm] David West: I don't have excel
[07:41 pm] MindGame: Okay
[07:41 pm] LegosJedi: Noooooooooooooooooooo!
[07:41 pm] Watson punches everyone in the mouth
[07:41 pm] David West: Anyway, on with the Awards!
[07:41 pm] LegosJedi: I have Excel.
[07:41 pm] RyanD: How long?
[07:41 pm] Watson: Leave him alone!
[07:41 pm] MindGame: Will you announce them in chat or on the forums?
[07:41 pm] RyanD: Rats!
[07:41 pm] 1ceaham punches Watson back
[07:41 pm] MindGame: *later in chat
[07:41 pm] David West: maybe
[07:41 pm] RyanD: How much later?
[07:41 pm] Ladon punches David West in the mouth
[07:41 pm] Ladon: whoops, missed
[07:41 pm] Ladon: sorry
[07:41 pm] 1ceaham: lol
[07:42 pm] RyanD: I can't stay up TOO late!
[07:42 pm] 1ceaham: That was hilarious
[07:42 pm] RyanD: Ya' know?
[07:42 pm] Ladon: Alright everyone, pipe down
[07:42 pm] NateE is online.
[07:42 pm] MindGame: Let's just get on with it
[07:42 pm] RyanD: Hey NateE!
[07:42 pm] David West: In 9th place, there is a tie between GopedGuy and LegoBrosJon, both with 2 points
[07:42 pm] MindGame: w00t
[07:42 pm] Ladon: Horray o_0
[07:42 pm] 1ceaham: Yay
[07:43 pm] NateE: Whee!
[07:43 pm] NanoMan: JAJAJA!
[07:43 pm] LegosJedi: kewl!
[07:43 pm] Dragoon: YES!
[07:43 pm] David West: Goped scored 1 in both cinematography and sound design, while LegoBrosJon scored 2 in the Story category
[07:43 pm] NateE: Swig w00Tbeer!
[07:43 pm] Ladon: weird
[07:43 pm] 1ceaham: Eat Popcorn
[07:43 pm] RyanD: Brother.
[07:43 pm] NateE: Thank you
[07:44 pm] David West: In 8th place is TwoBit, Shale, and Captain Bulldog's Entry, Groundhog Trouble, with 10 points
[07:44 pm] LegosJedi: eat popcorn and swig   beer
[07:44 pm] MindGame: Hooray!
[07:44 pm] NateE: I think that's b33r
[07:44 pm] RyanD: Wow!
[07:44 pm] 1ceaham: Woohoo!
[07:44 pm] MindGame: Go Groundhog Trouble!
[07:44 pm] NanoMan: yay!
[07:44 pm] David West: 2 points in the animation category, 8 in sound design
[07:44 pm] NateE: Huzzah!
[07:44 pm] Dragoon: woah, that's quite a jump
[07:44 pm] chosen1: w00tbeer and Popcorn are on me!
[07:44 pm] LegosJedi: NO WAI!
[07:44 pm] chosen1 is away
[07:44 pm] NateE: Dude
[07:44 pm] 1ceaham: Don't, Chosen1
[07:45 pm] David West: In 7th place, is LegosJedi's film, The End of Brickiflms, with 11 points
[07:45 pm] LegosJedi: Yay!
[07:45 pm] 1ceaham: Yay
[07:45 pm] RyanD: Yay!
[07:45 pm] NanoMan: Yay!
[07:45 pm] MindGame: Wow, didn't see that coming. Good job!
[07:45 pm] Dragoon: hurrah
[07:45 pm] RyanD: Yahoo!
[07:45 pm] David West: 3 in animation, 1 in sound design, and 7 in story
[07:45 pm] NateE: Nice!
[07:46 pm] 1ceaham: Good job
[07:46 pm] 1ceaham: Someone needs to scream at Pierre
[07:46 pm] Schlaeps is online.
[07:46 pm] David West: In 6th place, is RyanD, with 15 points
[07:46 pm] Ladon: PIERRE!
[07:46 pm] MindGame: Yay!
[07:46 pm] NateE: AHHHH!
[07:46 pm] 1ceaham: Thanks, Ladon. Woohoo!
[07:46 pm] LegosJedi: Yeah, Ryan!
[07:46 pm] NanoMan: JA!
[07:46 pm] Dragoon slams his chest against RyanD's
[07:47 pm] David West: 2 in cinematography, 3 in sound design, and 10 in story
[07:47 pm] Ladon: hahaha
[07:47 pm] MindGame: Nice job!
[07:47 pm] 1ceaham: Wai 2 go!
[07:47 pm] NateE: Wow!
[07:47 pm] David West: That gives it the Highest Story score of all the films
[07:47 pm] NateE: Huzza!
[07:47 pm] LegosJedi: I bet SYBSL made the top 3.
[07:47 pm] RyanD: Thanks
[07:47 pm] NanoMan: sweet
[07:47 pm] Ladon: Which film was that?
[07:47 pm] LegosJedi: SYBSM*
[07:47 pm] LegosJedi: Soldering your balls saves Marraiges.
[07:48 pm] RyanD: Wow!
[07:48 pm] Ladon: No, I mean RyanD's
[07:48 pm] David West: In 5th place, is Quigibo and Fractalman's Joint entry, "The Chronicles of time", with 17 points
[07:48 pm] Dragoon: yip
[07:48 pm] 1ceaham: Woohoo!
[07:48 pm] MindGame: Awesome!
[07:48 pm] LegosJedi: Sweet!
[07:48 pm] Ladon: Sexular!
[07:48 pm] NanoMan: WHAT!!!!?!
[07:48 pm] 1ceaham: lol
[07:48 pm] NanoMan: YAYA!!
[07:48 pm] David West: 5 in animation, 3 in cinematography, 3 in sound design, and 5 in story
[07:49 pm] 1ceaham: Impressive!
[07:49 pm] MindGame: Great work!
[07:49 pm] LegosJedi: Wow!
[07:49 pm] Schlaeps: Oh
[07:49 pm] David West: Now, we had a tie for second place.
[07:49 pm] Schlaeps: THAC
[07:49 pm] RyanD is back.
[07:49 pm] Watson: WHAT?
[07:49 pm] Schlaeps: Gotcha
[07:49 pm] MindGame: Dont' forget 4th place!
[07:49 pm] Watson: Ties suck
[07:49 pm] Ladon: hahaha
[07:49 pm] 1ceaham: Hi Schlaeps
[07:49 pm] Dragoon: what about 4th place?
[07:49 pm] Ladon: Nice
[07:49 pm] LegosJedi: yeah, 4th and 3rd.
[07:49 pm] Watson: 4th place, 4th place!
[07:49 pm] David West: So I used one of the Judge's Partial Ballots as a Tie breaker
[07:50 pm] Schlaeps: Took me a few minutes to figure that out
[07:50 pm] NateE: Ok
[07:50 pm] RyanD: What?
[07:50 pm] MindGame: 4th place!
[07:50 pm] RyanD: Who?
[07:50 pm] Ladon: 4th place!
[07:50 pm] Dragoon throws tomatoes
[07:50 pm] Ladon: Bizatch!
[07:50 pm] Watson: 4th place!
[07:50 pm] Ladon wants to know what happened to 4th place
[07:50 pm] Watson: I deman equal rights for 4th place!
[07:50 pm] 1ceaham throws gummy bears
[07:50 pm] David West: the tope 3 entries were all within 2 points of each other
[07:50 pm] Ladon: or aren't we counting like I learned on sesame street
[07:50 pm] LegosJedi: 4th Place, 4th Place, 4th Place, 4th Place!
[07:50 pm] David West: All will be clear, I have made no mistake
[07:50 pm] NateE: Amazing
[07:50 pm] Watson: okay
[07:50 pm] Ladon: hahaha
[07:50 pm] Dragoon: yeah, COME ON people
[07:51 pm] Dragoon: have some trust
[07:51 pm] MindGame: Shut up, Dragoon  
[07:51 pm] Dragoon cautiously picks up the tomatoes he threw
[07:51 pm] Watson: You must be using imaginary numbers and higher math
[07:51 pm] Watson: no wonder the calculations took so long
[07:51 pm] David West: After the tie breaker, the tied films were still only ONE point apart
[07:51 pm] NateE: DUCK!
[07:51 pm] 1ceaham: Well, DUHHH
[07:51 pm] RyanD: What is it?
[07:51 pm] Schlockading is online.
[07:51 pm] RyanD: Tell us!
[07:51 pm] David West: but, as it turns out, one of them was Disqualified for not submitting a Ballot
[07:51 pm] MindGame: INTENSITY RISING!
[07:51 pm] 1ceaham: OH NOES
[07:51 pm] RyanD: YES?
[07:51 pm] LegosJedi: NO WAI!!111!1!!!11!
[07:52 pm] Dragoon: GASP
[07:52 pm] NateE: REALLY?
[07:52 pm] NanoMan: WHAT?
[07:52 pm] Schlaeps: I'm teh winner!!
[07:52 pm] 1ceaham: Woohoo!
[07:52 pm] Pierre Films is back.
[07:52 pm] Pierre Films: CAPS LOCK TEXT
[07:52 pm] Schlaeps: Yay!
[07:52 pm] NanoMan: YAIYA
[07:52 pm] RyanD: Hey Pierre
[07:52 pm] Pierre Films: Hello again
[07:52 pm] 1ceaham: w00t
[07:52 pm] LegosJedi: No, Schleaps, your TEH H4XoR,
[07:52 pm] Schlaeps:  
[07:52 pm] RyanD: Where's HTF?
[07:52 pm] Pierre Films: He hacked the ballots
[07:52 pm] Schlockading is now offline.
[07:53 pm] David West: So, in 4th place, is Lord_of_the_Lego's film, "Spoilerz", with 19 points
[07:53 pm] MindGame: Yay!
[07:53 pm] MindGame: Go LOTL!
[07:53 pm] RyanD: Wow!
[07:53 pm] Dragoon: well, that's nice
[07:53 pm] RyanD: Yay!
[07:53 pm] LegosJedi: Yay! I loved that film!
[07:53 pm] Pierre Films: Congrats
[07:53 pm] 1ceaham: Woohoo! Great Job!
[07:53 pm] Dragoon: now we get to see if the judges were smart or not
[07:53 pm] LegosJedi: Too bad he isn't here.
[07:53 pm] David West: Nevermind abou the disqualification, I confused entrants and judges
[07:53 pm] MindGame: Ah
[07:53 pm] RyanD: I thought so
[07:53 pm] Dragoon retracts his GASP
[07:53 pm] MindGame: Okay
[07:53 pm] RyanD: Let's go!
[07:53 pm] LegosJedi: Intesity Level: =---------
[07:53 pm] Schlaeps: I still won!
[07:54 pm] David West: In thrid place, is Melodramedy, with 34 points, and an 11 point tie breaker
[07:54 pm] MindGame: Hooray! Go Nos!
[07:54 pm] Pierre Films: how do you retract a GASP. You already breath in when you GASP.
[07:54 pm] RyanD: Holy COW!
[07:54 pm] Pierre Films:  
[07:54 pm] Pierre Films: Yay congrats!
[07:54 pm] Ladon: intensity level: =______/\___
[07:54 pm] 1ceaham: Yay! Woohoo Nos!
[07:54 pm] NateE: Amazing!
[07:54 pm] Dragoon: ok, Negotiations is still in the running
[07:54 pm] MindGame: WOO!
[07:54 pm] Dragoon: as well as MindGame's
[07:54 pm] RyanD: Yeah!
[07:54 pm] LegosJedi: Go NOS!!!!
[07:54 pm] Dragoon: smart judges
[07:54 pm] MindGame dances
[07:54 pm] David West: And, in First Place, with 36 points, is...
[07:54 pm] Ladon: Melodramedy should have scored higher...
[07:54 pm] RyanD: Go HTF!
[07:54 pm] MindGame: INENISTY!
[07:54 pm] NanoMan: *cough*
[07:54 pm] Pierre Films: TCOTY!
[07:54 pm] Pierre Films: I bet
[07:54 pm] David West: The Duke and High Tower!
[07:54 pm] MindGame: *INTENSITY
[07:54 pm] Dragoon: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[07:54 pm] RyanD: YEAHHHH!!!
[07:55 pm] Watson: YES!!
[07:55 pm] RyanD: WOOT@
[07:55 pm] LegosJedi: NO WAI!!!!11111!!!!11!1!!1!!!
[07:55 pm] MindGame: Yay!
[07:55 pm] Watson: They were my pick
[07:55 pm] NanoMan: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
[07:55 pm] Ladon: With...
[07:55 pm] RyanD: YIPEEE!
[07:55 pm] 1ceaham: YAYYYYYYY
[07:55 pm] Pierre Films: Yay
[07:55 pm] Dragoon: my favourite wins
[07:55 pm] RyanD: WHOOOP!
[07:55 pm] Ladon: Which film  
[07:55 pm] NateE: W00T!
[07:55 pm] Watson: Their film was sweet
[07:55 pm] 1ceaham: WOOOHOOOOOO
[07:55 pm] Schlaeps: CHOCOLATE!!
[07:55 pm] LegosJedi: David, who were the judges?
[07:55 pm] Dragoon: Negotiations, Ladon
[07:55 pm] Ladon: Negotiations?
[07:55 pm] Pierre Films: ZUNE!
[07:55 pm] 1ceaham: BEANIE BABIES!
[07:55 pm] Schlockading is online.
[07:55 pm] MindGame: Go HT/Duke!
[07:55 pm] Ladon: Ah, right on
[07:55 pm] David West: Mindgame placed second, with 34 points and a 12 point tie breaker
[07:55 pm] 1ceaham: WAY TO GO MG
[07:55 pm] LegosJedi: Go MG!
[07:55 pm] RyanD: WOWEE!
[07:55 pm] MindGame takes a bow
[07:55 pm] NateE: gogogogogogo!
[07:55 pm] RyanD: Can't believe it!
[07:55 pm] LegosJedi: David, who were the judges???
[07:56 pm] 1ceaham: YAY! *Throws confetti*
[07:56 pm] David West: Watson, Myself, and Ladon
[07:56 pm] Dragoon: haha, three judges
[07:56 pm] LegosJedi: Oh.
[07:56 pm] NateE: *THROWS POPCORN*
[07:56 pm] RyanD: Oh
[07:56 pm] David West: KG also submitted a Ballot, but it was incomplete
[07:56 pm] LegosJedi: who voted for me???
[07:56 pm] LegosJedi:  
[07:56 pm] 1ceaham: *Throws energy drink*
[07:56 pm] RyanD: Throws tomatoe at NateE
[07:56 pm] David West: Thus, it was used for the tie breaker
[07:56 pm] 1ceaham: Ah. I understand
[07:56 pm] Dragoon: KG is not a legitimate tie-breaker
[07:56 pm] NateE: Hmmm...
[07:56 pm] Dragoon: he's not to be trusted
[07:56 pm] Dragoon: ask saul
[07:56 pm] Schlockading is now offline.
[07:56 pm] RyanD: Who voted for me?
[07:57 pm] Watson: I did
[07:57 pm] LegosJedi: Oh, great, I started something.
[07:57 pm] RyanD: Thanks!
[07:57 pm] Watson: I gave you a 5 in story, ryan
[07:57 pm] Ladon: KG's ballot was incomplete?
[07:57 pm] RyanD: Wow!
[07:57 pm] Ladon: Weird
[07:57 pm] LegosJedi: Well, any way, who voted for me?
[07:57 pm] David West: Now, I'll give you guys the individual scores of the winning films
[07:57 pm] Watson: I did, legosjedi
[07:57 pm] David West: yes, he left out the number 32 position in every category
[07:57 pm] David West: * number 2
[07:57 pm] LegosJedi: Thanks for voting for me!!!
[07:58 pm] mrgraff is online.
[07:58 pm] mrgraff has put on a Moderator cap.
[07:58 pm] RyanD: Yeah thanks!
[07:58 pm] LegosJedi: mrgaff, you're late.
[07:58 pm] 1ceaham: Who is going to host the transcript?
[07:58 pm] NateE: A mod has arrived.
[07:58 pm] LegosJedi: I will.
[07:58 pm] 1ceaham: I will too- or something
[07:58 pm] David West: The Duke and HighTower scored 10 points in animation, 4 in sound design, 7 in story, and swept the cinematography category with a full 15
[07:58 pm] LegosJedi: Woah!!!
[07:59 pm] mrgraff: huh?
[07:59 pm] 1ceaham: Awesome
[07:59 pm] RyanD: What about entrants now?
[07:59 pm] RyanD: WOW!
[07:59 pm] NateE: Woah!
[07:59 pm] mrgraff: i missed an awards chat?
[07:59 pm] MindGame: Awesome!
[07:59 pm] Ladon: haha
[07:59 pm] 1ceaham: Yup, graff
[07:59 pm] LegosJedi: Yes you did, mrgaff.
[07:59 pm] Dragoon: just about everyone missed an awards chat, mrgraff
[07:59 pm] Ladon: Graff, there's a first for everything
[07:59 pm] mrgraff: WTH?
[07:59 pm] NateE: Yes, we were looking for you!
[07:59 pm] LegosJedi: You're a half an hour late.
[07:59 pm] Dragoon: hehe, SYBSM didn't get any votes
[07:59 pm] David West: MindGame scored 12 in animation, 9 in cinematography, 9 in sound design, and 4 in story
[07:59 pm] RyanD: Yeah!
[07:59 pm] mrgraff: i also must have misssed the announcement too
[07:59 pm] Ladon: I'm glad SYBSM didn't get anything
[07:59 pm] 1ceaham: Way to go mindgame
[07:59 pm] LegosJedi: go MG!
[07:59 pm] RyanD: Me too
[07:59 pm] Ladon: or Tim would have his ego stroked
[07:59 pm] NateE: Me three
[07:59 pm] MindGame takes another bow
[08:00 pm] Dragoon: tim has an ego?
[08:00 pm] 1ceaham claps
[08:00 pm] NanoMan is now offline.
[08:00 pm] David WestL Naturally, SYBSM is truly the best film, and deserved full marks in every category. In the interest of fairnes, no one voted for it, opting to vote for the little guys
[08:00 pm] KOOL-AID GUY is online.
[08:00 pm] Watson: well, said, david
[08:00 pm] Watson: well said
[08:00 pm] Ladon: and I'm not in the mood for ordering Cream of Sun Yun Ghey from the Chinese takeout place
[08:00 pm] RyanD: Heh...
[08:00 pm] LegosJedi: lol
[08:00 pm] Dragoon: I don't think Tim has much of an ego
[08:00 pm] KOOL-AID GUY: OOOOOOooooohhhh YEAH!!!!
[08:00 pm] NateE: Oh yeah  
[08:00 pm] Dragoon: he's a 5 foot tall tiny asian guy in the desert
[08:00 pm] Watson: haha
[08:00 pm] Dragoon: what's to be egotistical about?
[08:00 pm] KOOL-AID GUY: *Bursts through paper wall*
[08:00 pm] Ladon: haha
[08:01 pm] LegosJedi: lol again
[08:01 pm] Watson: This is funny, because tim's going to read all of this in the transcript
[08:01 pm] Schlaeps: lol
[08:01 pm] David West: Nosniborus scored 8 in animation, 10 in cinematography, 11 in sound design, and 5 in story
[08:01 pm] Watson: And be very upset with you
[08:01 pm] LegosJedi: rofl
[08:01 pm] NateE: Terrifying!
[08:01 pm] chosen1 is back.
[08:01 pm] chosen1: WOOO NOS!!
[08:01 pm] 1ceaham: Yay! Good job, Nos
[08:01 pm] Ladon: Well, whoever ends up stroking tim's puny little ego
[08:01 pm] Ladon: make sure they wear gloves, ok?
[08:01 pm] chosen1: but his story deserved more...
[08:01 pm] chosen1 is away
[08:01 pm] LegosJedi: Nice job, Nos, where ever you are.
[08:01 pm] Ladon: because I've hear rumours
[08:01 pm] Dragoon: watson, tim won't care
[08:01 pm] Ladon: heard*
[08:01 pm] Dragoon: as long as I don't rate his films low
[08:01 pm] Ladon: of something lurking
[08:01 pm] MindGame: Go Nos!
[08:01 pm] Ladon: in the dark
[08:01 pm] David West: In the tie breaker round, Mingame scored 4 in animation, 3 in cinematography, and 5 in story
[08:01 pm] Ladon: where no man dares to venture
[08:02 pm] Ladon: or woman, for that matter
[08:02 pm] Ladon: but maybe dog
[08:02 pm] Ladon: I don't know
[08:02 pm] LegosJedi:  
[08:02 pm] 1ceaham: DogscarletNYC
[08:02 pm] NateE: what are you ranting about?
[08:02 pm] David West: while Nosniborus scored 3 in animation, 5 in cinematography, and 3 in sound design
[08:02 pm] LegosJedi: rofl
[08:02 pm] Ladon: The place where Tim's little ego is kept
[08:02 pm] NateE: NOS? He was supposed to win!
[08:02 pm] LegosJedi:  
[08:03 pm] MindGame: Heh, by 1
[08:03 pm] David West: He took Third, which is bad
[08:03 pm] Dragoon: Nosniborus may have lost the battle
[08:03 pm] RyanD: Just because he has been winning everything.
[08:03 pm] Dragoon: but he'll win the war
[08:03 pm] MindGame:  
[08:03 pm] Ladon: guh, why won't digg load...
[08:03 pm] David West: he just doesn't get a prize
[08:03 pm] mrgraff: i cant beleive i missed this
[08:03 pm] LegosJedi: Yeah!
[08:03 pm] NateE: Very funny...
[08:03 pm] LegosJedi: Now, about the Entrants...
[08:03 pm] mrgraff: ive never missed anything around here in 5 years
[08:03 pm] 1ceaham: Read the transcript, mrgraff
[08:04 pm] LegosJedi: I'll be hosting it.
[08:04 pm] Dragoon: poor mrgraff
[08:04 pm] RyanD: Yeah! Entrants!
[08:04 pm] 1ceaham: Then you'll feel better
[08:04 pm] Dragoon: I know how you're feeling
[08:04 pm] RyanD: Entrants!
[08:04 pm] Ladon: http://digg.com/videos_animation/Star_Wars_Lego_film_Imperial_Propaganda can someone tell me how many diggs I've gotten?
[08:04 pm] David West: Now, I will go finish tallying the entrants
[08:04 pm] NateE: Here we go again...
[08:04 pm] 1ceaham: I'll edit in some fake comments by you
[08:04 pm] MindGame: Be back soon!
[08:04 pm] LegosJedi: How long? Need help?
[08:04 pm] mrgraff packs his QC4000 in its box, and goes to sleep...
[08:04 pm] David West: they'll be done when they're done